Yacht Controller



The Yacht Controller SMART wireless remote control, with its attractive design in metallic grey or blue replaces the revolutionary EVO model, which has enjoyed outstanding success in the nautical world.

The Yacht Controller is designed to be the solution to the problems of mooring and maneuvering when short or single handed, allowing a single crew member to moor the boat or pick up buoys from anywhere on the boat while maintaining full control at all times by giving total wireless control of your bow thruster, stern thruster, engines and anchor windlass.  The system comprises two elements – the handheld transmitter/control unit and the receiver, which transmits your commands to the various boat systems.  Operation is very simple: put the controls to neutral, turn the Yacht Controller receiver unit on, switch on the handheld controller and take full control of your boat!

The waterproof transmitter will float if dropped overboard and the silicone membrane switches are robust enough to withstand more than 200,000 activations.

A technological revolution, the SMART receiver offers the following features:

  • Single band transmitter
  • The multiprocessor structure (a central CPU with a microprocessor for each function) gives you two levels of control over each function, making unintended commands impossible hould anything go wrong.
  • Double relays for each command output, preventing unintended activation.
  • The modular design can be easily modified to add new functions. If you change your boat you won’t need to buy a new Yacht Controller, you simply replace an internal card and can continue to use the system on your new boat with different controls.
  • LEDs on the front of the receiver unit confirm that the electronics are operating correctly, tell you which commands are being activated and provide details of any malfunctions.
  • A beeper warns you should you lose connection to the transmitter, signals the various states of operation, and has an alarm to advise you of any malfunction.

Yacht Controller SMART is available for the following brands of electronic controls:

  • Volvo EDC
  • Volvo EVC B2
  • Volvo EVC C, D, E
  • ZF/Mathers
  • Glendinning
  • Cummins/Mercruiser DTS
  • Morse
  • Teleflex