MaxSea TimeZero Explorer


System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3, Windows® Vista (not MaxSea TimeZero Explorer version 2), Windows® 7 (32 or 64 bits), Windows® 8 (excluding RT and only with MaxSea TimeZero Explorer version 2)
  • CPU 2 GHz (Intel Core2Duo highly recommended)
  • 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended)
  • Video Board (DirectX 9.0c compatible, WDDM driver, Pixel/Vertex Shader v3.0):
    • Minimum — Intel Integrated Chipset X3100 or HD (R4) series
    • Recommended — Dedicated Video Board (ATI or NVIDIA) with 256MB VRAM
      Note: the PBG module or Dual Monitor support require a dedicated Video Board with 512 MB VRAM
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 X 600 or higher
  • CD/DVD reader
  • Hard Disk: 20 GB of free memory
  • USB or Serial Port for connecting instruments
  • 100 Base-T Network Adapter for NavNet or FAR2XX7 connection


MaxSea TimeZero Explorer is mainly designed for semi-professional users.

It gives the possibility to connect to Furuno NavNet 3D Radar. It includes standard state-of-art features for the most exigent users.
Once connected to a NavNet 3D network it allows to:

  • overlay all information transmitted from the NavNet 3D network on MaxSea software
  • share Routes & Waypoints: prepare your routes at home and copy them on your NavNet 3D on board
  • share cartography: buy only one license per chart area and use it simultaneously on MaxSea software and NavNet 3D.

MaxSea TimeZero Explorer
MaxSea TimeZero Explorer can connect to your NavNet 3D network right out of the box! You will have full control of your NavNet 3D Radar/Chart Plotter system directly from your PC. MaxSea TimeZero Explorer integrates seamlessly with NavNet 3D via Ethernet connection. Now you can access and control valuable information from your NavNet 3D network, such as Radar Overlay, Waypoints, Routes and more directly on your PC.

Full-time 3D environment
You can switch from the traditional 2D view to the impressive 3D perspective at the click of a mouse. Equipped with powerful TimeZero technology, the new 3D engine will completely transform the way you navigate. Scroll, pan, zoom in and zoom out with a smooth, fast and seamless graphics engine. Navigating in a fully 3D environment offers you a true perspective and wider area of view around the ship, which will allow you to better plan your routes, while TimeZero technology updates the information on your screen with virtually no redraw.

Ergonomics and performance
MaxSea TimeZero Explorer offers a completely new, innovative user interface which has been designed to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. Thanks to innovative “Work Spaces,” the user interface automatically adapts to your present navigation needs. No more complicated dropdown menus to navigate! You only display the tools you need for a safer navigation at sea. MaxSea “Work Spaces” combine functionality with ease of use, providing for a practical and personalized navigating experience.


  • Connect your GPS and autopilot (NMEA compatible upon serial ports or Ethernet by Furuno) to your navigation software.
  • Download/overlay weather updates for free and perform advanced planning.
  • The navigation software operates in a fully rendered 3D environment and delivers unparalleled speed and a seamless chart plotting experience
  • Exclusive MaxSea TimeZero interface combines functionality with ease of use, providing for a practical and personalized navigating experience.
  • Exclusive MaxSea TimeZero PhotoFusion: fuse satellite images to the marine chart
  • Integration with FLIR M-Series Camera (Explorer only): MaxSea TimeZero Explorer can now control any FLIR M-Series camera and instantly add a versatile Target and Object tracking feature to your system.
  • Direct compatibility with FAR2XX7 Radar (Explorer only): MaxSea TimeZero can be connected directly to one (or two) FAR2XX7 radars using a simple Ethernet connection.
  • Worldwide tide database included: display tidal data on MaxSea TimeZero to know about water depth in ports
  • Integration with the ActiveCaptain “Points of Interest” database: MaxSea is the first Navigation software to offer ActiveCaptain Points-of-Interest (POI) integration and real-time updating.
  • Compatible with AIS: MaxSea TimeZero can be connected to any AIS using NMEA0183 or via Ethernet.

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