MaxSea TimeZero PLOT


System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3, Windows® Vista (not version 2), Windows® 7 (32 or 64 bits), Windows® 8 (excluding RT and only with PLOT version 2)
  • CPU 2 GHz (Intel Core2Duo highly recommended)
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Video Board (DirectX 9.0c compatible, WDDM driver, Pixel/Vertex Shader v3.0):
    • Dedicated Video Board (ATI or NVIDIA) with 512MB VRAM
      Note: Integrated Video Chipset (Intel or other) are NOT supported
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 X 600 or higher
  • CD/DVD reader
  • Hard Disk: 40 GB of free memory
  • USB or Serial Port for connecting instruments
  • 100 Base-T Network Adapter for NavNet or FAR2XX7 connection


MaxSea TimeZero PLOT is our navigation software designed for professional fishermen.
It includes all the features of MaxSea TimeZero ECS and goes beyond with its module PBG.
The PBG Module enables to record one sounder point per second (Sounder and GPS connexions are required) to produce very precise 3D seafloor maps.
Professional fishermen could also record their tracks and marks in 2D/3D and import their data from previous MaxSea versions.

MaxSea TimeZero PLOT: Ease of use
The Tool Bar on the left side of the screen gives access to tools that allow you to work on your chart: tracks, marks, divider etc.
Ribbon on the upper side of the screen gives an access to all the menus (layers, tides and currents etc.) that allow you to display / hide information on top of the chart. This new « ribbon » is also used to perform action on the chart (2D/3D etc.).
NavData on the right side of the screen displays all the navigation data (latitude/longitude, speed, depth etc.)
The main new feature of this user interface is the « Work Spaces ». In previous versions, all the tools / menus were always displayed cluttering the screen with too much information. With MaxSea TimeZero, only the important features are displayed according to the customer needs (fishing or planning work spaces)


Existing Chart Plotters suffer many limitations: memory limitations, slowness, complexity, loss of information (files deleted by mistake etc.), not compatible with other systems etc.

Here are our proposals to increase RELIABILITY on board and increase fishing productivity:

  • Everything can be managed like in the previous versions (tracks and marks recording etc.), easy import of the previous MaxSea files (as well as others systems).
  • With our marine navigation software, you have unlimited and permanent Track Recording! This feature allows you to recall tracks according to date and time even if you forgot to start recording (available first quarter 2011)
  • Automatic Layers Management: The new powerful layer management allows you to set layers where specific objects (own ship track, AIS/ARPA track, etc) will be recorded. MaxSea TimeZero will automatically keep the information organized for you!

The main target of professional fishermen is to make money! That is why we focused our developments on making a tool which allows optimizing daily operations and make it more profitable.
Personal Bathymetric Generator: MaxSea was the first company (in 1999) to offer a feature which enables recording bathy soundings and display it in three dimensions. Our new PBG module comes with the following features:

  • Easy way to import existing MaxSea v12 databases
  • Quicker data recording which allows creating a good survey in less time
  • Improved data rendering (improved shadow management)
  • Better tidal algorithm management
  • Advanced compatibility with Furuno equipments (“Black Box” sounder such as the DFF1/DFF3 and BBDS1)

Creating superior databases in less time allows to fish better in known areas (closer to the rocks) as well as discovering new fishing spots.

AIS/ARPA: AIS/ARPA tracks can be automatically recorded in a specific layer. Immediate access to targets info thanks to the list. All the information is displayed on a single screen.

Time optimization = Profitability optimization

MaxSea TimeZero PLOT navigation software also offers innovative compatibilities with others equipments which make it the most powerful marine navigation software available:

  • MaxSea is the only navigation software natively compatible with Furuno Radars (X7 Range and NavNet3D). MaxSea TimeZero provides full management of the radar picture (Range, Gain, Filters,…) and control of the ARPA Targets.
  • Marine Instruments fishing buoys integration.
  • AXIS and FLIR cameras integration. Enhanced use of these equipment (thermal cameras / night vision).

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