SuperTrack Z8Mk2




Z8mk2 is designed completely different from Z8 which is based on Z6.It has more solid design and better RF performance than Z8. Z8mk2 helps customer to reduce antenna installation and operation costs because it has small size but enough performance for their networks. KNS will be exhibiting the new antenna at CommunicAsia 2009 Singapore to demonstrate its performance and expertise in satellite communication field. Z8mk2 is based on high performance Z10mk2 technology, which effectively improves tracking performace, allowing seamless operation in even North Sea. Kevin Jin, CEO of KNS, said “Z8mk2 is good alternative of expensive Z10mk2 and Z12mk2 for small size vessels”. Z8mk2 has +/-25 cross level and -20~110 Elevation agnle.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Sattelite Search & Skew Control
  • Unlimited Azimuth
  • Accurate signal acquisition by KNS’s Distinctive Algorithm Sastest Data Rates available
  • Pre-Programmed Satellite Database
  • Antenna Control Unit
  • CE, FCC Certified

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